Sino-German bilateral workshop on Radioastronomy
Cosmos Probed by Radio
2005 September 7th –14th
Kashi & Urumqi, Xijiang Uyggur Autonomy Region, China

Sponsored by
Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung Beijing
Sino-German Science Center DFG/NSF, Germany/China

Hosted by
The Partner Group of MPIfR at NAOC

There has been long-term cooperation on radio astronomy between China and Germany. Max-Planck-Institute for RadioAstronomy has a very close cooperation with National Astronomical Observations of China. Using the 25meter telescope at Urumqi Observatory, we are doing a 6cm polarization survey of the Galactic Plane survey. This happened after the first bilateral conference on radio astronomy in Xi’an 2002. The instrument of 6cm receiver system has been installed last year. From September last year, a large amount of data are accumulated, most of these data are unique over the world. Now, it is good time for scientists from both countries to meet together, to discuss what new sciences can be done. This workshop provides all participants to visit Urumqi Astronomical Observatory, and express their suggestions and new ideas to use the survey data, and maybe join the cooperation team, or maybe find other topics to cooperate. In fact, the advanced 6cm system can also be used for other purpose, such as measurements of IntraDay Variable sources, mapping supernova remnants, detecting new maser regions, observations of foreground of cosmic microwave backgrounds. This workshop is organized to make more connections between the astronomers from both countries, and to promote more cooperation.

China side is also considering to build a 100meter telescope near Kashi, to enhance the capability of radio astronomy in China and extend the baseline for the interfermeter. Participates may visit the potential site for this future observatory, and give their suggestions to the construction and science cases.

Main Topics of this workshop:

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