Sino-German workshop on radioastronomy

Cosmos probed by radio

2005 September 7th–14th

Kashi, Urumqi, Xijiang Uyggur Autonomy Region, China

(Sponsored by Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum fÜr Wissenschaftstorderung)



Sept. 7th (Wednesday)

afternoon: Arrive Kashi

19:00-23:30   Reception Dinner (Xing-Long Hotel)



Sept. 8th (Thuesday) 

09:00-10:00  Breakfast (always in hotel)


10:00-13:30  Visit Kashi city

13:30-14:30  Lunch in city



16:00-19:40  Session No. 1:  Urumqi 6cm Polarization Observations

            (Xing-Long Hotel)         Chair:  Richard Wielebinski

   16:00-16:30   JinLin Han:  Welcome address & Introduction of the Partner Group & I introduction of 6cm projects

   Wolfgang Reich:  Galactic Polarization Surveys: Perspectives of the Urumqi 6cm project
   17:10-17:40   Xiaohui Sun:  First result of
Urumqi 6cm polarization observations: New 6cm maps of Cygnus Loop

  Coffee & Tea

   Weibin Shi:  Primary results for 6cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane

   18:20-18:40   Chen Wang:   Ground radiation and interference and their change with
   18:40-19:00   Jianwen Xu:  G156.2+5.7: First images at 6cm by Urumqi observation
   19:00-19:20   Li Xiao:      Primary results of Urumqi 6cm polarization survey of large-SNRs
   19:20-19:40   Xiang Liu:   Primary results of
Urumqi 6cm observations of IDVs


20:00-22:00  Dinner in Xinglong Hotel



Sept. 9th (Friday)

09:00-10:00  Breakfast (always in hotel)

10:00-11:50  Session No. 2:  Magnetic fields & Galaxies

            (Xing-Long Hotel)         Chair:  Wolfgang Reich

10:00-10:30  Richard Wielebinski:  Cosmic Magnetic fields: Review

10:30-11:00  Marita Krause: Radio continuum observations the Sombrero

galaxy NGC4594 (M104) and other edge-on galaxies

11:00-11:20  JinLin HanMagnetic fields of our Galaxy

11:20-11:50  Detlef Elstner:  Magnetic field excitations in galaxies


11:50-12:10  Coffee & Tea

    12:10-14:00 Session No. 3:  SNRs

            (Xing-Long Hotel)         Chair:  Dongrong Jiang

12:10-12:40  E. Furst:   Magnetic fields of SNRs: Review

12:40-13:10  Roland Kothes:Evolution of supernova remnants as seen in radio emission

13:10-13:30  Xizhen Zhang: A  new explanation on spectrum-index spatial variation of SNR  HB21

13:30-14:00  Eduardo Ros:  VLBI observations: from AGN to young SNR


14:00-15:00  Lunch in XingLong Hotel


16:00-18:30  Session No.4:  ANGs and VLBI

            (Xing-Long Hotel)         Chair:  Reinhard Schlickeiser

16:00-16:30  Anton Zensus:  VLBI observations of AGNs: Review of Recent Progress

16:30-17:00  Dongrong Jiang:  The jet power, radio loudness and blackhole mass

 in radio loud AGNs

17:00-17:30  Zhiqiang Shen:  Observations of Galactic center

17:30-18:00  Xiang Liu:  5 GHz EVN observations of GPS radio sources

18:00-18:30  Xuebing Wu: Supermassive Blackholes in radio-loud AGNs


18:30-22:00  Local shopping,  Dinner in city (one minority restaurant)



Sept. 10th (Saturday) 

09:00-9:50  Breakfast (always in hotel)

10:00-12:30  Session No. 5:  Polarization and Cosmology

            (Xing-Long Hotel)         Chair:  Eduardo Ros

10:00-10:30  Reinhard Schlickeiser:On the origin of cosmological magnetic

field by kinetic plasma instabilities

10:30-11:00  Laura La Porta: A statistical analysis of the Galactic diffuse radio emission. 

11:00-11:30  XueleiChen: Low frequency background and cosmology

11:30-12:00  Zuhui Fan: The effects of the complex mass distribution of clusters on weak lensing cluster surveys

12:00-12:30  Xiangping Wu: Chinese Low-Frequency Array: Science for 21cm


12:45   Trip to Ka-He city


14:00-14:50  Lunch in KaHe city


14:50-20:00  Trip to visit possible sites for possible 100m telescope


20:00-21:00  Dinner in city (another minority restaurant)



Sept. 11th (Sunday)  

08:00-9:00  Breakfast (always in hotel)


09:00   Bus to Kashi Airport  (KHG )


10:35   CZ6804 –

12:15   Urumqi Airport- Nanshan Station of Urumqi Observatory


14:00   Nanshan Station: Lunch

14:45   Introduction of Observatory


15:30   Back to city

17:00   DuShanZi Hotel


17:30   Visit city: Downtown & HongShan Park


20:00   Banquet with local shows



Sept. 12th (Monday) 

09:00-10:00  Breakfast (always in hotel)

10:10-14:20  Session No.6:  High time resolution observations

            (DuShanZi Hotel)         Chair: JinLin Han / Ruiqing Mao

10:00-10:10  Jianguo Han: Greatings from Sino-German Science Center

10:10-10:30  Richard Wielebinski:Morphology and characteristics of pulsars

10:30-11:00  Guojun Qiao: Radio and Gamma-ray emission from pulsars

11:00-11:20  Hui Zhang: Pulsar  Radio Emission  Height: PSR B1451-68

11:20-11:50  Gottfrid Kanbach:  High-Time Resolution Astronomy

across the e-m spectrum

  Coffee & Tea

12:10-12:30  Xianghua Li: Nonthermal X-ray emission of rotation-powered pulsars with  Chandra  &  XMM
  Chenming Zhang:  What QPO from NS can tell us ?: Neutron Star X-ray Sources

13:00-13:20  Xiaopeng You:  Gravitation wave and pulsar timing

    13:20-13:50  Na Wang:  Urumqi Observatory and Pulsar research
    13:50-14:10  Biping Gong:  The same physics underlying SGRs, AXPs, X-ray pulsars and Radio pulsars
    14:10-14:20  Short report: Xingwu Zheng:  Test results of Urumqi 6cm line observations

14:20-15:20  Lunch in DuShanZi Hotel


16:00-17:5Session No.7:  Maser and Lines

            (DuShanZi  Hotel)        Chair:  Guojun Qiao


16:00-16:30   Christian Henkel:  Distant Molecular Clouds

16:30-17:00   Ruiqing Mao:  A CO(3-2) survey of warm molecular gas in nearby galaxies

17:00-17:30   Yuefang Wu: A study of high mass star formation: Discovery of

inflow in precursors of ultracompact HII regions
   Junjie Wang: Star formation near the Galactic center

   Coffee & Tea

  Session No.8:  Multiwavelength Observations & Interpretation

            (DuShanZi  Hotel)        Chair:  Christian Henkel

18:10-18:40  Thomas Krichbaum: Fast variability of radio sources – Where do we stand?

18:40-19:00  Minzhi Kong:  Physical parameters related to AGN variability

19:00-19:20 Xu Zhou: The Stellar Population and Environment of nearby Galaxies in view of BATC Observation

19:20-19:40  Reinhard Schlickeiser: Towards a quantitative analytical theory of particle

acceleration at relativistic collisionless shocks

        19:40-20:00  Gottfried Kanbach:  Status and future of Gamma-ray astronomy and

the perspectives for multiwavelength observations

  Dinner in DuShanZi Hotel

  Free discussion: Sciences for possible 100m telescope



Sept. 13th (Tuesday) 

09:00-10:00  Breakfast (always in hotel)

10:00-13:10  Session No.9:  Instrumentation & Development

            (DuShanZi  Hotel)        Chair:  Ernst Fuerst

10:00--10:30  Yingxi Zuo:  Delingha 13.7-m mm-Wave telescope

10:30--11:00  MaoZhen Chen & Jun Ma: Urumqi telescope and receiver system

11:0011:20  XiZhen Zhang: The Miyun Fifty-meter Aperture Radio Telescope (MFART)


11:20--11:40  Coffee & Tea

--12:10  B. Klein: A new generation of Field Programmable Gate Array Backends for Radioastronomy

12:10--12:30  Peter Mueller: The MBFITS data format

12:30--12:50  YongQiang Yao: Search for a new site in west China for large telescopes
--13:10  Dehua Yang: Telescope technical design


13:10-13:20  Richard Wielebinski: Conference summary


13:20-14:00  Lunch in DuShanZi Hotel


14:00-20:30  Bus trip to TheHeaven Lake


20:30-21:30  Dinner in city: TuanJi-Lu Restaurant




Sept. 14th (Wednesday) 

08:00-10:00  Breakfast (always in hotel)

9:00/11:00/15:30: Buses to Airport


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