Sino-German Radio Astronomy Conference
Radio Studies of Galactic Objects, Galaxies and AGNs

Xi'an, China
July 18-25, 2002

Proceedings will be published by Acta Astronomica Sinica (Tianwen XueBao) as a special issue in 2002, and selectively go to Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics (ChAA, published by Pergamon, @Elsevier Science).   The ChAA belongs to SCI-Extended. Proceeding editors will be J.L. Han & R. Wielebinski.

To ensure the publication in time, all manuscript should be camera ready: Deadline August 31, 2002.

Electronic version (in Latex) should be email to (if many files, you can tar.gz).

Format: For the convenience of the authors, the manuscript can be first set into ASP Proceeding style  -- we will change it to the ActaAS-format later. Authors can find the style file and example.tex from

Including figures, the number of pages allocated for all kinds of talks are:
Lectures or Invited talks (40 minutes):  9 pages (if in ASP proceeding style)  = 6 pages of  ActaAS format;
Special Talks (30minutes): 7.5 pages (ASP) = 5page of ActaAS;
Talks (20minutes): 6 pages (ASP) = 4 pages of ActaAS;
Short talks (10 minutes): 3 pages  (ASP) = 2 pages of Acta AS.

Note: No page charge,  No Gao-fee (negative page-charge).

Note:  Manuscript submitted after the deadline may not be able to be included in the proceedings.