Research Projects   

Compact objects are so fascinating and attractive, as they emit radiation in almost covering all wavelengths via unknown mechanisms. Too many sciences to do on extreme physics states or extreme conditions! Currently, there are huge amount of new observations available, which feeds eager people to work on the most frontier physics. In addition, the compact objects can also be used as probes for the diffuse interstellar and intergalactic medium which otherwise can never be detected!


This group is doing research on compact objects, such as pulsars, black holes in  galactic nuclei (AGNs), and also use them to probe the properties of diffuse medium. Major topics are:


1) Pulsar studies: radio and high energy observations, emission and propagation theory


2) 6cm polarization survey of The Galactic Plane


3) Galactic magnetic field structure


4) Galaxy clusters and gravitational physics


5) Structure of our Milky Way


6) Massive star formation observations


7) Others (AGN, extragalactic HI survey)