International Advisor Board

the Partner Group of MPIfR at NAOC

All research work of the partner group is advised (and will be judged) by an International Advisor Board (IAB), which should consist of 5 members: a director of MPIfR, a director of NAOC, a professor of German university and a professor of Chinese University, a famous scientisit from a third country. The IAB members for this partner group are:

    Prof. Richard Wielebinski (Director of the MPIfR, Germany),
    Prof. Gang Zhao (Deputy Director of the NAOC, China),
    Prof.  Ralf-Juergen Dettmar (BochumUni, Germany),
    Prof. Jianshen Chen  (Director of Astronomy Department, Peking University),  and
    Dr. Tom Landecker   (Director of Dominian Radio Astronphysical Obs, Canada).

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