Invited Talks at international conferences
Prof. JinLin Han

  1. 2001.10.9-12: Invited Talk (30min) at "Astrophysical Polarized Background", Instituto di Radioastronomia, Consigglio Nazionale Ricerche, Bologna, Italy.

  2. 2003.9.3-9.14: Invited Review (45min) at "The Magnetized Interstaller Medium", Antalya, Turkey

  3. 2004.7.4-9: Invited Talks (30min) at "Magnetic fields in Galaxies", Lorentz Center, University Leiden, Netherland.

  4. 2004.8.29-9.4: Invited Talk (30min - longest!) at "Diffuse Matter in the Galaxy: Observations Confront Theory. A Meeting in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Carl Heiles", Arecibo Observatory, Perto Rico.

  5. 2005.8.1-9: Invited Talk (30min) at "The Lake Hanas International Symposium of Radio Pulsars", Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

  6. 2006.6.27-30: Invited Talk (18min) at The 5th Joint Meeting of Chinese Physicists Worldwide, Taipei, China

  7. 2006.8.15-22: Invited Talk (45min) at IV International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions (ISVHECRI 2006), Weihai, China

  8. 2007.3.11-16:  Invited Talk (25min) at IAU Symp.242, "Astrophysical masers and their environments", Alice Spring, Australia

  9. 2007.4.15-19: Invited Talk (25min) at "Aspen Workshop on Cosmic Ray Physics", Aspen, Colorado, USA

  10. 2007.4.29-5.2: Invited Talk (45min) at "The Large Scale Magnetic Field of the Milky Way", Princeton, NJ, USA.

  11. 2007.6.18-21:  Invited Talk (30min) at "The First Asian-Pacific Symposium on Astrophysical, Space and Laboratory Plasmas", Peking University, China

  12. 2007.7.2-7:  Invited Talk (25min) at "Astrophysics of Compact Objects", Huangshan, China

  13. 2007.8.27-9.7: Invited lecturer (75min x 2) at "1st Kodai-Trieste Workshop on plasma astrophysics", Kodaikanal Observatory, Kodaikanal, India

  14. 2007.10.1-5: Invited Talk (15min) at "From Planets to Dark Energy: the Modern Radio Universe", Manchester, UK.

  15. 2008.3.26-29: Invited Review (30min) at "The Cosmic Agitator - Magnetic Fields in the Galaxy" , Lexington, USA

  16. 2008.8.3-6: Invited Talk (30min) at "10th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting", Kunming, China

  17. 2008.11.3-7: Invited Review (30min) at IAU Symp. 259, Cosmic magnetic fields: from Planets to stars and galaxies, Tenerife, Spain

  18. 2009.2.1-8: Invited Review (30min) at 44th Rencontres de Moriond, "Very High Energy Phenomena in the Universe", La Thuile, Val d'Aosta, Italy.

  19. 2010.6.7-11: Invited talk (30min) at Cosmic Magnetism: From stellar to intergalactic scales, Kiama, Australia

  20. 2010.12.10-12: Invited talk (30min) at The Recent Progress of Ultra-High Enrgy Cosmic Ray Observation (UHECR2010), Nagoya, Japan

  21. 2011.10.11-15: Invited talk (30min) at "Third Galileo - Xu Guangqi meeting", Beijing, China

  22. 2012.8.20-23: Invited talk (20min) at IAU AG 2012 SpS4: New era for studying interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields , Beijing, China

  23. 2012.8.20-24: Invited talk (20min) at IAU Symposium 291: Neutron Stars and Pulsars: Challenges and Opportunities after 80 years, Beijing, China

  24. 2012.8.27-31: Invited talk (30min) at IAU Symposium 294: Solar and Astrophysical Dynamos and Magnetic Activity, Beijing, China

  25. 2012.11.19-22: Invited Review (50min) at APCTP Workshop on Astrophysics: Magnetic Fields in Astrophysics , Pohang, APCTP Headquarters, Korea

  26. 2012.12.12-14: Invited talk (30min) at Workshop for Searching for the sources of Galactic cosmic rays , APC, Paris, France

  27. 2013.1.7-11: Invited talk (30min) at IAU Symposium 296: Supernova environmental impacts, Raichak (near kolkata), India

  28. 2013.7.8-12: Invited talk (30min) at "3rd East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space, Astrophysical Plasmas, Tokyo, Japan

  29. 2014.6.9-13: Long talk (20min) at the international SKA Science meeting: Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array , Giardini Naxos, Italy

  30. 2015.6.22-26: Invited talk (30min) at Conference of the program: Origin, Evolution, and Signatures of Cosmological Magnetic Fields , NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden

  31. 2018.2.24-3.4: Invited talk (30min) at International Conference on THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE , Nagpur, India

  32. 2018.7.2-6: Invited talk (30min) at The 45th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics , Zofin Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

  33. 2018.10.22 - 26: Invited talk (30min) at Global Radio Scintillometry Astrophysics 2018 , Shanghai, China

  34. 2019.5.13-18: Invited talk (30min) at CHANG-ES International Workshop on CGM Science Frontiers , Nanjing, China

  35. 2019.8.18-22: Invited talk (30min) at Workshop on gravity meets plasma , Kunming, China

  36. 2019.10.11-14: Invited talk (25min) at The International Conference on Magneto-Science 2019 (ICMS 2019) , Hefei, AnHui, China

  37. 2019.11.4-8: Plenary talk (25min) at The 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics, Hefei, AnHui, China

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